New Program Requests

New Program Process 

Step 1 – The faculty member from the program contacts the appropriate division dean.  The Dean will invite the articulation officer, dept. chair, and the faculty originator to a meeting to discuss the new program proposal.  If the program is noncredit, please include the Director of Noncredit. If the program is CTE, please include the Dean of CTEE in this meeting.

There are pre-scheduled meetings available (To be determined)

The faculty originator will provide:

  • The rationale for the program
  • LMI data for CTE
  • Regional/community need
  • Any faculty needs to run the program- FT/PT faculty needed, FT/ PT Faculty exist

Step 2 If the team (above) comes to a consensus, the faculty program originator completes IPC new program form .

Step 3–  The IPC New Programs subcommittee reviews proposal and follows up with faculty originator and Dean as needed during review.

Step 4 – The IPC subcommittee presents recommendations to IPC (denials go back to dean).

If program proposal (above) is approved:

Step 5 –  For CTE Programs only, please visit the following link for the Regional Program Recommendations Process:

Step 6 – Faculty originator enters new program into META.

Step 7 – Curriculum Approval Process begins