Associate Teacher Certificate of Achievement

Associate Teacher Certificate of Achievement

A female teacher is interacting with four small children.

The Associate Teacher Certificate of Achievement program includes a selection of courses that provides academic preparation to individuals for a career in the field of child development.  The program will give students general knowledge and skills in theory, principles, and techniques for working with young children in an entry-level position.

Learning Outcome(s):
  1. Developmental Milestones: Students will analyze developmentally appropriate curricula and explain principles and practices pertaining to child development.
  2. Environment: Students will be able to illustrate the connections between the child, families, and communities in child development.
  3. Guidance: Students will analyze how developmental needs, stages, and milestones impact children's behavior

Copy of Certificate of Proficiency (CP)

To earn a certificate of proficiency in this program, simply complete program requirement courses listed below.
CourseUnits Face-to-Face at FECOnlinePre-Req
Program Requirements
CHDV 99:
Preparation for Child Development Majors
.05Spring 24
CHDV 100:
Child Growth and Development

3Spring 24
CHDV 115: Child, Family, and Community3Spring 24
CHDV 104: Guidance for Young Children
3Spring 24
Select One
CHDV 185:
Introduction to Curriculum

CHDV 106:
Infant and Toddler Care and Curriculum

CHDV 182:
ECE Curriculum Experiences: Art, Music and Movement
CHDV 184:
ECE Curriculum Experiences:Language, Literacy, Math and Science
3Spring 24
Total Units 12.5