Time Conflict Issue

Updated: April 24, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Palomar will still be in remote instruction mode through Summer 2020.

During our summer enrollment, a time/scheduling conflict may occur when two classes overlap in meeting time making it impossible to register for both. In general, the enrollment system does not allow you to have time conflicts, however, due to COVID-19 most class meetings for Summer 2020 will be online, with no scheduled meeting patter. Some instructors have chosen to have their online classes meet at the scheduled time in an online format. These classes will still enforce the time/scheduling conflict rules. Either way, students will receive the error message “ A Time Scheduling Conflict exists” due to our system not recognizing all class meetings have been shifted to online for Summer 2020. Please reach out to our admissions office to schedule your course at admissions@palomar.edu from your student palomar.edu email and provide your name, student ID number and the 5 digit class number of the class you are wanting to be enrolled into.

Admissions Office


Last modified on April 24, 2020