Financial Aid Add/Drop Deadline (Freeze Date)

Financial Aid Disbursement Schedule – Palomar College Financial Aid Office

“Freeze” Dates – Fall 2023: September 5th –  Spring 2024: February 13th – Summer 2024 TBA

The last day for all federal financial aid applicants who have been awarded to finalize class schedule activities for the semester. This applies to all registration, adds and drops for all types of classes: TV, on-line, semester length, short-term, late-start, accelerated, self-paced, etc. This freeze date determines each semester’s total award amount.


Fall Full-Semester Last Day to change to Audit or P/NP

Last Date for Audit – 9/11/2023

Last day to change P/NP – If you would like to change your grading option from a letter grade (A, B, C, D, F) to Pass /No Pass (P/NP), or vice versa, you may do so up to the last day of instruction for the class.

8-Week Session 2 Ends

Mini sessions offered during the summer, generally either 6 weeks or 8 weeks in length.