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Student Program Eligibility Appeals Committee

Chair: Dr Kendyl L Magnuson, Senior Director of Enrollment Services
Adrianne Lee, Director or Financial Aid, Veterans & Scholarship Services (non-voting)
Director of EOP&S (non-voting)
Carol Lowther, Faculty Representative (2017-2019)
Kimberly Christensen, Faculty Representative (2017-2019)
Katie Morris, Generalist Counselor (2016-2018)
Lorraine Pagni-Kiefer, DRC Counselor (2016-2018)
Trong Nguyen, Counselor EOP&S (2017-2019)
Rafiki Jenkins,  Faculty, Athletics (2016-2018)
Ann Marie Johnston, Financial Assistance Analyst
Fiscal Svc Rep CCE/AFT – Vacant
ASG Representative

This committee meets:
First week in October
First week in December
Fourth week in April


This committee deliberates on matters of a personal and confidential nature and takes action on petitions under extenuating circumstances. Privacy laws do not permit the public disclosure of personally identifiable information. If you have a specific inquiry about the proceedings of the committee, please contact the Committee Chair for additional information.

Last modified on March 26, 2018


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