How to do a Self-Evaluation

How to do a Self-Evaluation of a Course with the OEI Course Design Rubric

First download the OEI Course Design Rubric form and save it as OEI_Course_Design_Rubric_COURSENUM_YOURNAME.   

Please replace COURSENUM with a Course number and YOURNAME with your first and last name.  (e.g. OEI_Course_Design_Rubric_CSIT175_Steve_Perry.pdf)

Review the the form and get a sense of what you will be asked to do when self-evaluating a course.

There are four sections you need to use to review your course.  In order for your course to be considered OEI Course Design Rubric Aligned, all items in Sections A-C must either be marked as Aligned and may also have a mark for Additional Exemplary Elements.

Go through each item in Sections A-C and mark the appropriate box (e.g. Aligned) and provide examples of how your course meets the criteria described in this item in the Comments section.

Fully completing the Comments section is critical to your OEI Course Design self-review being accepted by the Distance Education Coordinator as proper evidence for you to be included in the list of Certified Instructors for Online Teaching.

NOTE:  The Distance Education Coordinator does not review your actual course.  It is reviewed for completeness only.   If you wish to have your course reviewed, you may request that this be done by our Peer Online Course Review (POCR) team.  Contact the Distance Education Coordinator for details.

Each comment, for each item in Sections A-C, should include its title and the word Aligned or Additional Exemplary Elements (e.g. C2: Validity: Aligned) followed by a description of how your course has properly aligned to that item’s criteria.  If an item does not align (i.e. is Incomplete) you must correct the course design until it does align with the criteria specified in that item.

Section D is concerned with Accessibility, that is, making sure all the course material you are distributing to students meets the criteria specified in Federal Law to be usable by students with audio/visual disabilities.   It is marked N/A, Incomplete, or Aligned.   It is very important to have no Incomplete items.  You many provide comments in this section, but are not required to.

When you have completed your your OEI Course Design Rubric form send it as an email attachment to the Distance Education Coordinator with a request to be reviewed so that you may be included in the list of Certified Instructors for Online Teaching.

Download an Example Completed OEI Course Design Rubric to review and emulate.