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Faculty Need to Change Plagiarism Checker in Canvas ASAP

Palomar has transitioned to a new plagiarism checking tool, called Copyleaks. Similar to the other plagiarism checking tools we’ve used in the past (such as TurnItIn, SafeAssign, and Unicheck), Copyleaks generates similarity reports, but Copyleaks points out possibly plagiarized content in three tiers: Identical, minor changes, and related meaning. (That last, “related meaning,” really means Copyleaks is scanning for paraphrasing instead of direct text matches.) For information on how to utilize these reports, check out the information at “Copyleaks: How should I interpret the similarity report?

Copyleaks divides up similarity into three tiers: Identical, Minor Changes, and Related Meaning.
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Preparing Canvas Courses for Fall 2021

With our new-found dependence on online course materials, many “newer to online” faculty need to set up a new semester on Canvas. Even for the experienced faculty this process bears repeating, as it is only needed once a semester at most. Fall 2021 is starting soon, and the Canvas course shells should be available for faculty.

Here’s what is important for faculty to deal with at the start of a new semester:

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Canvas and the Kaltura Streaming Media Collection

For this installment of “How to Canvas” let’s go though the process of adding a piece of media from the Palomar Kaltura streaming media system onto a page within your Canvas course.

First off, to be clear, this “Kaltura Streaming Media Collection” refers to the shared repository of videos which have been requested by faculty for use (under the auspices of the TEACH Act), and in many cases these videos were created thanks to individual faculty donating their media to Palomar for this use. Read more…