Getting Help from the ATRC

The process for requesting help from the Academic Technology Resources Centers (ATRC) department has just significantly changed. For years we’ve been using a helpdesk system named Kayako. That system is being shut down, and we are introducing a new system leveraging Palomar’s WordPress system.

To request help from the ATRC now, visit the Academic Technology Resources Centers Help site. If you aren’t already logged in, you’ll want to use your full Palomar email address as username, and whatever your email password is set to.

Once logged in you can open new tickets, browse through any previous tickets in the system, or look through the documentation and FAQs that we have posted. And even though our direct help is typically related to the Canvas, WordPress, and Zoom programs, as always we welcome other types of questions and will do our best to connect you with the help you need.

Please note that this new system does require you to visit the site to open new tickets, or reply to existing tickets. When updates are made to your ticket you will receive a notification email, but you will need to visit the site (using the button provided in the email) to post replies of your own.

Use of Copyrighted Material

Usage of Images and other copyrighted material on websites is subject to Palomar College’s copyright policy and the US Copyright Office’s Title 17. In addition, the following Palomar board policies contain institutional specifics: BP 3710 Securing of Copyright; BP 3715 Intellectual Property; and BP 3720 Computer and Network Use. That said, before using an image or other material that complies with Palomar College’s Access and Use Guidelines, the user should ask: Continue Reading: Use of Copyrighted Material

Basic PowerPoint Animation Basics

A PowerPoint slide-deck is a speaker’s aid, used as a backdrop to the presenter, and as such should not often be the focus of audience attention. (After all, if you’re at a Broadway show and your focus is on the flats, I’d guess it is not a very compelling play.) But at times it is important to focus the eyes of your audience on the slide, or even on a particular portion of the slide. That’s when it is time for an Animation. Continue Reading: Basic PowerPoint Animation Basics