Student Tutorials to Prepare for Online Learning

A new tool to support online student success is now available free to all 113 California Community Colleges (CCC) on Wednesday, August 5, 2015, made possible as part of the system-wide Online Education Initiative (OEI).

The OEI Online Student Readiness Tutorials were specifically designed to be easy for California colleges to include in existing online courses and learning environments.

The OEI team encourages colleges statewide to include the new readiness solutions in their online course offerings or at any point they see as appropriate for preparing students to be successful. Providing access for students is as easy as providing a single link to the combined resources. Links are also available for individual components of the tutorials should a college wish to segment resources based on student need.

Please see the following tutorials, which you may link from your own classroom site, or link to the ATRC information resources page.

These multimedia tutorials were developed by the OEI and are copyrighted to the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office. Under Creative Commons licensing, they are available to all California community colleges.

Tutorial site

Note that you can use the tutorials as you wish and even modify them to suit your needs. This page includes the zipped production files you would need to make your own Student Readiness site, etc. There are more tutorials than are listed above, since a few of them are for the pilot colleges and have college location specific instructions. These have been omitted from the list above, which are more generic and would serve Palomar College students.

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