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Faculty Course Shell Request


Faculty who wish to have a sandbox or development course are free to create as many as desired from directly within Canvas. If faculty wish a course that is intended for use with real students, please contact Academic Technology and we can suggest other methods so you may manage enrollment with students properly. (i,e, self-enrollment, integration with other information in the enrollment system)

For those who prefer official documentation, please review “How do I create a new course from the Dashboard as an instructor?” The brief version is that faculty go to the Dashboard in Canvas, and use the button “Start a New Course” which typically displays in the upper right corner. This button is only available to those who are already assigned as a teacher in at least one Canvas course, so if you don’t have that as an option please contact Academic Technology and we will investigate.

The only information faculty must provide is the desired Course Name. Upon creating the new course the faculty member will be enrolled as a teacher in the course automatically. Please bear in mind the course is something separate from the regular Canvas courses where real students are enrolled. The new course should not be used as a place to connect with real students, but should be used only by employees of Palomar College.

Unlike the courses based on enrollment data, this new course will not be impacted by class cancellation or assignment to another faculty member. Fell free to use the course for as long as your Palomar network account is active. If you find you have no further use for the course, you may delete the course by going into Settings and hitting the button to “Delete this Course.” (Or for those who prefer official documentation, check “How do I delete a course as an instructor?“)