This coursework prepares students for transfer into a university architectural program.  Emphasis is on current architectural and construction practices, fundamental design skills, sustainable building guidelines, and transfer preparation.  Students should review specific course requirements and transfer agreements with their architectural instructor and transfer counselor.  General education course requirements such as mathematics, physics, etc. will vary depending upon the specific university program.

Learning Outcome(s)

    • Successful students will demonstrate the ability to apply the principles of design theory, site analysis, structural and material applications.
    • Students will apply green design, perspective and rendering theory, programming client requirements to solve a series of design problems.



Associates Degree in Science (AS) / Certificate of Achievement (CA)

To earn a Certificate of Achievement in this program, simply complete program requirement courses and applicable electives listed below. To earn an Associate’s Degree in Science in this program, complete the program requirements and applicable electives below and the Associate Degree General Education requirements found here..
CoursesUnitsFace-to-Face at RBECOnlinePre-Req
Program Requirements
ARCH 105: Basic Architectural Drafting3.0Summer 2023
Elective (select one of the following two courses)
ARCH 120: Architectural History3.0
ARCH 121: Multicultural Architectural History 3.0
ARCH 122: History of Architectural Theory3.0Fall 2023
ARCH 135: Architectural Materials and Methods of Construction3.0
ARCH 145: Designing for Communication and Presentation3.0Recommended Preparation: ARCH 150
ARCH 215: Design Studio IA3.0
ARCH 216: Design Studio IB
ARCH 217: Design Studio IIA
ARCH 218: Design Studio IIB
Total Units27.0

Image Sources

  • Architecture_391A7867_Final: Architecture_391A7867_Final