Adjunct Faculty

Contact Information

Eillen Waller | Payroll Technician for Full Time and Part Time Faculty

Phone: (760) 744-1150 ext. 2138


Payroll Forms

Payroll Forms are available to download here. Please do not attach any of these forms to an email since original signatures are required for processing.



  • Time Reports Due the 1st of the month.
  • Pay date is on the 20th of the month, except when the 20th falls on a  weekend or a holiday. In this case, pay date is the last working day prior to the 20th.


Absence Reports

All Adjunct and Overload faculty absences must be reported via email to by the Department.

Sample Email Content :

Adjunct Faculty Member’s Name: Last Name, First Name
Faculty Member’s EMPLID: 012345678
Class Number: 32168
Absence Date(s): 04/01/20XX
Total Hours Absent: 3 hrs.
Specific Reason for Absence: Write a reason

If assistance is required from the Instruction Office or Division Office with posting the class, please telephone to ensure the class will be posted in time. The department must still send the email to report the absence to all appropriate individuals.