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Catherine Macabitas | Payroll Technician for Classified, CAST and Administrative Staff

Phone: (760) 744-1150 ext. 2884


Payroll Forms

Payroll Forms are available to download here. Please do not attach any of these forms to an email since original signatures are required for processing.



  • Absence Reports due on the 1st of the month.
  • Overtime & Extra Hour Reports due on the 16th of each month.
  • All other forms are due on the 10th of the month.
  • Pay date is the last working day of the month.


Absence Reports

Absence reports for the previous month are included in the envelope with employees’ checks or advices.  Absence Reports are due the first day of the next month.  Absence reports are used to report hours not worked.  Employees are to report any sick, personal necessity (include reason), vacation, compensatory time, bereavement leave (relationship and State), Jury duty, Industrial Accident, off salary time and other absences.  Other absences would include any time off with no pay or Critical Illness of immediate family member.  All absence reports must be signed by the employee and their supervisor.


Holiday Entitlement for Full-Time Employees

During Holiday weeks employees who work one of the alternate work schedules (9/80 or 4/10) have the following options:

  1.  Convert to an 8/5 work schedule and take the regular Holiday off.
  2.  Keep the same schedule
    a.  if Holiday falls on a regular workday, gets credit for 8 holiday hours and must use one or two hours as vacation or comp time.
    b.  if Holiday does not fall on a workday, take another day off, and claim 1 or 2 hours vacation or comp time.


Off-Salary Time for Ten and Eleven Month Employees

District employees who have 10 or11 month assignments are required to take off-salary time without pay during the fiscal year which spans from July 1st of one year through June 30th of the following year.

A person with an 11-month assignment is required to take 176 hours off-salary per fiscal year; a person with a 10-month contract is required to take 352 hours per fiscal year.  Employees with a less than 100% assignment need to take a proportionate number of hours off. For example, a person with a 10-month 45% contract will only be required to take 158.4 hours off-salary.

In May of each year, letters are sent out to employees who have a less than 12-month assignment requesting them to provide off-salary time for the next fiscal year.  It will also let them know exactly how many hours they’ll need to take off based on their contract months and contract percentage.  Off-salary time must be taken in weekly increments – off-salary time of less than a week will not be accepted.  During the fiscal year, employees are responsible for reporting off-salary time on their absence reports, which must match with pre-arranged off-salary time.  If changes to off-salary time need to be made, please notify Catherine Macabitas at ahead of time.

Ten or eleven month employees hired after August 31 will not be required to take off-salary time during that particular fiscal year because they will already be working ten or fewer months during that fiscal year.

Employees that are less than 100% should be aware of how many hours per day the system pays them and report it in that manner for each day that they are off-salary.

Example: 45% contract pays 3.6 hours per day. Therefore, off-salary time should be reported at 3.6 hours per day, not on actual hours scheduled to work.

Salary is always docked in the month employee is off unless they elect to spread their annual salary into twelve equal payments. Employees may choose to include in their off-salary time any district paid holiday with the exception of December 25th and January 1st, as these are mandatory paid holidays.


Holiday Entitlement for Part-time Emloyees

Employees with less than 100% contracts must also be aware that any district paid holiday is granted proportionately to their contract percentage, i.e., 3.6 hours for a 45% contract.  The remaining work week must be calculated with this in mind so that a person doesn’t work over or under their required work hours.

Example: during the week of Thanksgiving there are 2 paid holidays. A person with a 45% contract normally works 18 hours per week.  They must account for the 7.2 holiday hours and reduce their 18 hour work week by 7.2 hours.

If they work the full 18 hours in a holiday week and the holiday falls on a non-scheduled workday, arrangements should be made with the supervisor to take the “holiday” hours off within a 2-week time frame.  If the holiday falls on a regularly scheduled workday, employees are only entitled to holiday hours proportionate to their contract percentage and report the additional hours which were not worked as a vacation.

Example: Monday holiday 45% contract – employee’s normal schedule for that day is 5 hours. They receive 3.6 hours holiday pay but must take 1.4 hours of vacation or make-up the 1.4 hours on another day during the week.


Option to Spread Annual Salary into Twelve Payments

Employees with 10/11 month contracts may choose to be paid over 12 months. That option is available to them at the start of the fiscal year. If they choose not to take 12-pay, they will not have the opportunity to sign up again until the start of the following fiscal year.



Sick leave, personal necessity, and vacation are granted based on employees’ contract months and contract percentages.  Sick leave and personal necessity are accrued once at the beginning of the fiscal year, and vacation is accrued on a monthly basis.  Please know that if your employment with the District terminates prior to the fulfillment of a fiscal year’s contract obligations, pre-advanced sick leave and personal necessity will be adjusted (reduced) accordingly.

Vacation accruals are adjusted in the month in which off-salary time is taken proportionally to the number of off-salary hours taken in the month.

Example: a 45% employee who took 18 hours off and normally gets 4.5 hours of vacation per month would see a reduction in their vacation of around 1 hour depending on how many work hours there are in that particular month.

Please note that absences should be reported as the actual hours scheduled to work during any particular day. For questions or concerns, please contact Catherine Macabitas at ext. 2884.


PERS Buyback

To check into buying back PERS service credit, contact PERS at (877) 720-7377 or (800) 352-2238. They will send you forms to fill out. After you have filled out your portion, bring it to Payroll and we will research your work history and fill out our portion. PERS will then calculate the cost and send Payroll the withholding information.