Program Pathway Mapper: Department Review

Thank you for taking the time to review your degree or certificate map. For the most part, these maps should be ready to be published in the mapper tool. However, there may be some cases where the maps need to be adjusted before they are published in June. You can record corrections/changes to the maps on this form.

Please note: Curriculum changes to existing courses and programs approved for the 2020-21 catalog will be applied to the mapper before it is published.  Click here for a list of program changes that will be applied.

If you can’t find your map on the list it means 1) you never completed a map, or 2) this is a new degree or certificate. If it is a new degree or certificate we will create a map and coordinate with you over the summer and it will be implemented in Phase 2. If your degree or certificate isn’t new and it is missing from this list – then send an email with the name of the degree or certificate to

Click the Meta Major Area links below or navigate the full Palomar Pathways Mapper site to review your maps.  Click on each program to view the pathway map and each course or course list to see details such as requisites, description, and notes.

Click here for a list of programs associated with each Meta Major Area.