COVID-19 Student Information & FAQs

In accordance with Governor Newsom’s Stay at Home Order, Palomar College has transitioned all course offerings and services to an online format.  As part of this transition, we’ve shifted EOPS/CARE/CalWORKs and FYRST counseling appointments to a virtual model, either through Zoom (video conferencing) or by telephone.  If you have an appointment scheduled and you choose to participate by phone, your counselor will be contacting you at your scheduled appointment time.  If you are attending your counseling session via Zoom, you will receive an email sent to your Palomar College email account including a link to attend your session, please be prepared to access the link approximately a few minutes prior to your scheduled start time.

To Schedule an appointment with your EOPS/CARE/CalWORKs or FYRST Counselor, please contact us by phone at (760)-744-1150, extension 2449.  

With this transition, the Palomar College Campus has been closed to all non-essential personnel.  While we are able to schedule new appointments and handle most of the administrative functions remotely, service delivery that requires in-person interactions has been temporarily suspended until regular campus operations resume.  This primarily impacts our administration of transportation support, either in the issuing of gas cards or monthly transit passes.  While the primary purpose of these supports is to remove barriers to accessing the campus in pursuit of your education, we recognize that they also support transportation in general and come to be relied on.  Please accept our sincere apology for our inability to administer these supports at this time, as we know that it has an impact on you.

If you are enrolled in a fast-track II course and need to purchase course materials, the Palomar College Bookstore is able to ship textbooks and book accounts remain active.  You are able to purchase textbooks utilizing the Palomar College online ordering platform.

These are unprecedented times and the social and financial impacts brought on by COVID-19 and the current response can bring unwelcome stress and unease.  As such, we are currently working to put together a number of workshops to promote healthy stress management and overall wellbeing.  Please look for information on these virtual workshops in the coming days.

Thank you in advance for your understanding as we work to adjust to these recent changes.

Stay Safe and Healthy!