All program work follows AP 4021, Palomar’s administrative process for Program Development, Revitalization, and/or Discontinuance. The AP may be found here.


Contact your dean for initial approval of new programs.


Programs should continually be assessed to determine their sustainability, relevancy, and viability. In many cases, steps may be taken to ensure that the needs of students and the college are being adequately met. See AP 4021 for more information.


Per AP 4021, once discontinuance of program is agreed upon as a result of (1) discipline and division dean consensus OR (2) the implementation and outcome of a program revitalization plan, the Department Chair and Division Dean will work together to fill out the Program Discontinuance Form within one month of the agreed upon outcome and gather signatures as indicated on the form. Once the form is completed, it moves forward to the Instructional Planning Council, Curriculum Committee, Faculty Senate, and finally Governing Board for discussion and approval.

Upon approving the discontinuance of a program, several subsequent actions will need to take place. They include:

• updating the curriculum database to reflect the discontinuance;
• ensuring that the program does not appear in the catalog for the next academic year;
• updating the degree planner;
• informing counseling;
• alerting the chair and faculty of disciplines/departments that include courses in the discontinued program in their area’s programs;
• notifying articulation partners if any; considering FSA rights of faculty impacted;
• notifying HR, PFF and CCE;
• notifying students pursuing the affected program;
• notifying other interested parties.

This responsibility for ensuring that these steps are followed shall rest with the Department Chair and the Division Dean.