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Here, you will find a collection of instructional videos to assist you with curriculum work.

Course Reviews

Course Reviews allow you to keep your courses up-to-date. Items which affect student records and the college catalog may not be changed in a review. Courses must be reviewed a minimum of every four years. In a review, you may change:

  • Course Content (Body of Knowledge)
  • Course Objectives
  • Requisite Validation
  • Add or Remove Distance Education
  • Assignments
  • Methods of Instruction/Assessment
  • Textbooks/Resources (at least one no older than 5 years)

Course Review Video

Minimum Qualifications

All Course Outlines of Record must contain minimum qualifications. This is especially important for courses which are cross-listed. Courses which are cross-listed must contain the minimum qualifications of each discipline. Discipline minimum qualifications may be found in the California Community College 2020 Minimum Qualifications Guide

Adding Minimum Qualifications to Cross-Listed Classes 

Developing a New Program

The process to develop new programs should begin in the spring preceding the year of the desired effective date (example: a Fall 2022 effective date program should begin the process in spring of 2021). The process to begin a new program has been updated. The process may be found here: New Programs steps.

Palomar College has procedures for program development, revitalization and discontinuance. These APs may be accessed here: AP 4021 PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT, REVITALIZATION, AND/OR DISCONTINUANCE

Developing a New CTE (Career Technical) Program

Developing a CTE program requires extra steps. All CTE programs must be approved by the San Diego and Imperial Community Colleges Regional Consortium An application must be completed and Labor Market Data requested. Questions about the process may be directed to Palomar College’s CTE Dean. The application may be found here: Regional CTE Application