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Reference Materials and How To Guides

All curriculum proposals are housed, created and approved through META. Please refer to one of the reference guides below to help you get started.

META Quick Reference Guide

Getting Started with META

Performing a Search in META

Finding Course Impact and Other Reports

Public Access to CORs and Programs

Use the following link, to access programs and courses. A user id or password is not required to search for and print CORs. After entering the course or program for which you want to search, click on the reports button under the “Detail” column to view the appropriate report. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Download a copy of “Frequently Asked Questions” and the “Getting Started” Guide here.

  • What is META?

META is Palomar’s curriculum management system. It houses curriculum development and maintains Palomar’s official Active/Historical Course Outlines of Record and Programs.

  • How do I access META?

META is a part of Palomar’s Single Sign-On (SSO) Portal. Once you login in to your Palomar Portal (Single Sign-On), you will see a link to META.

  • Is Palomar still utilizing the CurricUNET v.2. system?

No. All curriculum work is now housed in the new META system which is an upgrade of CurricUNET v.2. All permissions, origination and approver rights have been migrated to META.

  • How do I log in to META?

You will utilize the log-in and password for your SSO. You will no longer need to use the separate Curricunet password. Your Curricunet v.2 password will not log you in.

  • Which courses will I have access to originate?

Origination rights are determined by individual departments. However, please be advised that only full-time faculty may originate courses and programs in META. If you need origination or approval  rights for a discipline, please submit requests with your Department Chair/Director’s permission to

  • What will my approver rights be?

Approver rights, like origination rights, are determined by individual departments. If you are unable to approve courses as expected please contact us at

  • What reports will I be able to view in META?

Reports such as the Course Outline, Course Comparison, Course Impact, Program Outline and Program Compare are available in META for users who are logged in to the system. Course Outlines of Record and Program reports are available for public access.

  • Will Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) be included in META?

All SLOs will be printed on the official Course Outline of Record. Therefore, course and program outcomes must be entered into META. Assessment methods and assessment results will continue to reside in Tracdat.