Report an Incident

We, the chemistry faculty and staff, are committed to provide the best possible education and service to our students regardless of ethnicity, nationality, age, sex, gender, or socioeconomic background. We strive for and dedicate ourselves to uphold the tenets set forth by this institution to be equitable in our teaching practices and embrace the diversity of our students. The chemistry department will not condone insensitive behaviors or remarks made by faculty or staff members that negatively impact the learning experience in the classroom, whether in a physical or digital setting.

If you have been discriminated against by one of our faculty members and need a safe space to discuss the issue, please contact one of the full-time faculty course lead instructors for the chemistry course you are taking.

Please download the following document and email a copy to one of the course lead faculty members for further guidance. Reports submitted will remain confidential.

Faculty or Staff Incident Report Form (Word .docx file)

Faculty or Staff Incident Report Form (Adobe .pdf file)

In Solidarity,

The Chemistry Department


Full-Time Faculty Course Leads:

CHEM 100: Professor Shannon Andrews:

Dr. Lindsay Sperling:

CHEM 104: Dr. Luz Carrillo:

Professor Mark Raymundo:

CHEM 110: Professor Patti Brandon:

Dr. Lindsay Sperling:

CHEM 115: Dr. Jennifer Zabzdyr:

Dr. Geetha Natarajan:

CHEM 220/221: Dr. Heriberto Rivera:

Dr. Adena Issaian: