CHEM 205: Introductory Biochemistry

Course Information

Description: Fundamental principles of the chemistry of living systems, including structure and function of proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates, and lipids. Emphasis on metabolism, energy storage and utilization.

SLOs: Basic Biochemical Principles and Structures — Successful students will be able to understand the basic principles of biochemistry relating to simple
molecular structure and reactivity. Basic Energy Cycles (Molecular Level) — Successful students will be able to understand the basic energy cycles of life on the molecular level.

Prerequisites: A minimum of grade “C” in CHEM 105

Semesters & Campuses Offered: Spring @ San Marcos

Textbooks (required): none

Textbooks (recommended): Essential Biochemistry, 3rd Edition by Pratt & Cornely

Materials: non-graphing calculator


Course Resources

Excel: Creating Linear Graphs

Periodic Table Review Worksheet

Downloadable Periodic Tables


Study Links & Materials

Biochemistry: Varied Practice Questions

Varied topics on Biomolecules via KhanAcademy

Varied Biochemistry Practice Tests

Amino Acids Structure Quiz

Amino Acids Quiz via St. Olaf’s College

Metabolism Questions via Khan Academy

Biochemistry Problem Sets via University of AZ