The mission of the Palomar College Chemistry Department is to support student learning for success. Our primary goal is preparing our diverse student population for the pursuit of Bachelor degrees in Chemistry, as well as other Natural Science degrees with which they may enter the workplace. We provide students with the fundamental concepts, knowledge, and laboratory techniques in a healthy and safe environment.

To learn about Chemistry courses offered at Palomar College, including certificate and degree program requirements, consult the College Catalog or view the Courses in the menu to the left.

To see a list of courses offered in current or upcoming semesters, consult the Class Schedule. When using the “Online Schedule-Any Term” search tool, UNCHECK the “Show Open Classes Only” box to see a complete list of Chemistry offerings.


Requisite Exception Petition Form:

Requisite Exception Petition Form

Purpose: Students wanting to enroll in a class who have not met the prerequisite but have a valid reason to bypass the prerequisite can submit the Requisite Exception Petition. This form is routed to the academic department for review by the Department Chair and Dean. Students will need to be logged in to MyPalomar to access the link and will receive a response via email.  Students will need when submitting the petition form:

  1. A copy of your transcript (unofficial is fine) showing completion of the prerequisite.
  2. Any other supporting documentation.

For students who have completed CHEM 100 and want to enroll in CHEM 110/110L:  If you are currently completing or you have completed the required math level, you will need to submit the Requisite Exception Petition form with a copy of your unofficial college/high school transcript or other supporting documentation showing completion of the math class.


     COURSE OUTLINE OF RECORDS (in lieu of Syllabi)

Need course outlines (or syllabi) for current or transferring university???:

Our public search of all Palomar College detailed Course Outlines (CORs) is located at http://palomar.curricunet.com/PublicSearch.  The CORs detail curriculum for any Palomar College course and the COR is what your university will need to determine transferability.  Search and access either the “Active” or “Historical” version depending on the semester(s) you attend(ed) Palomar College.  If they insist on reviewing past syllabi, please contact Abby Corona (acorona@palomar.edu) for assistance.