CHEM 104: General Organic and Biochemistry

Course Information

Description: This course will cover the basic principles of general chemistry, organic chemistry, and biochemistry as needed to understand the biochemistry, physiology, and pharmacology or the human body. This course is intended mainly for students pursuing health professions.


  • Basic Organic Chemical Principles — Successful students will be able to understand the basic principles of organic chemistry relating to simple
    structure and reactivity of hydrocarbons.
  • Molecular Life Cycles — Successful students will be able to understand the basic energy cycles of life on the molecular level and be
    able to correlate structure and function.
  • Understanding Of Periodic Table — Successful students will have a general understanding of the Periodic Table Of Elements and be cognizant
    of the simple periodicity of the chemical elements.

Prerequisites: none

Semesters & Campuses Offered: Fall, Spring @ San Marcos, Rancho Bernardo, Fallbrook; Summer @ San Marcos

Textbooks (required): Chemistry: An Introduction to General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry by Karen Timberlake, 12th edition

Materials: scientific calculator, safety glasses/goggles (Z-87 Rating), completed Safety Quiz


Course Resources

Excel: Creating Linear Graphs

Periodic Table Review Worksheet

Downloadable Periodic Tables

Common Lab Equipment via ACS


Study Links & Materials

Concept Practice: Videos & Workbook

Organic Chemistry IUPAC Nomenclature Review via UCalgary

Organic Chemistry Nomenclature Practice via UCalgary

Organic Chemistry Nomenclature Practice via Michigan State

Varied topics on Biomolecules via KhanAcademy

Varied topics on Organic Chemistry via KhanAcademy

Periodic Table of Elements topics via KhanAcademy

Lab Equipment Practice via Quia