CHEM 100: Fundamentals of Chemistry

Course Information

Description: Introductory study of the principles and laboratory techniques of general chemistry. Laboratory must be taken concurrently with lecture.


  • Chemical Reactions – Successful students will be able to predict the products of combustion, precipitation and acid-base
    neutralization reactions.
  • Dimensional Analysis – Successful students will be able to use dimensional analysis to solve stoichiometry problems.
  • Lab Techniques I – Successful students will be able to work with basic chemistry laboratory equipment safely and properly.
  • Lab Techniques II – Successful students will be able to determine the appropriate equipment to measure physical properties.
  • Nomenclature – Successful students will be able to name general inorganic compounds.
  • Scientific Method – Successful students will be able to apply the scientific method by stating a question, performing
    experiments and/or analyzing a data presentation.

Prerequisites: One year of high school algebra

Semesters & Campuses Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer @ San Marcos, Rancho Bernardo, Fallbrook

Textbooks (required):

  1. Chemistry 100 Lab Manual, Palomar College Edition
  2. ChemLibre CHEM 100 Online Textbook

Homework:  ALEKS

Materials:  scientific calculator, safety glasses/goggles (Z-87 Rating), completed Safety Quiz


**If you are enrolling in CHEM 100, consider taking the “CHEM 100 or CHEM 110?: Self-Evaluation Quiz” to test your knowledge in basic concepts of chemistry. The results of this quiz will assist you in choosing to enroll between Chemistry 100 or Chemistry 110.**


Course Resources

Flame Test Experiment: Letter from “Firestorm Industries”

Excel: Creating Linear Graphs

Periodic Table Review Worksheet

Downloadable Periodic Tables

Common Lab Equipment via ACS


Study Links & Materials

Concept Practice: Videos & Workbook

Nomenclature Practice via KhanAcademy

Nomenclature Practice via David Shaw @ MATC

Balancing Chemical Reactions Practice via KhanAcademy

Balancing Chemical Reactions Practice via ScienceGeek

Dimensional Analysis Practice via UCDSB

Dimensional Analysis Practice via SLU

Combustion Reaction Practice via ScienceGeek

Acid Base Practice via HISD

Precipitation Reactions Practice via Tonawanda CSD

Lab Equipment Practice via Quia