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Student Testimonials:

-Professor Antonecchia,

Thank you so much – for the kind words and for everything that I have learned within the past month. I have thoroughly enjoyed taking your class because it has truly helped me gain an insight into what I might enjoy pursuing as a career. I feel so much more confident now as an individual and what my own life has laid out in front of me than I did only four weeks ago. Thanks again! 🙂    Alicia T.

-Good Morning,
Mrs. Antonecchia, I am so happy that I took this class, I really have learned so much about myself that I didn’t even know I knew!   Isabella M.

-Professor Antonecchia, Thank you for helping me explore career paths. I hope you have a good rest of the year.  Leslie G.

-Rosie Antonecchia, Thank you so much for teaching this class, I really learned a lot about my career I want to pursue. After looking at all the findings about my career of Film and Video Editing, it really is motivating knowing what I’m working towards and something I enjoy and find interesting. Thank you so much and have a great spring break!!!   Alan A.

-Professor Antonecchia,

Thank you for hosting such a wonderful online class. I apologize for having a few late assignments as I was out of town for family and thought I completed all my homework up until the 23rd. I believe this class is much needed, and everyone should have the opportunity to know it is there and to enroll.

Thank you again,

Erin C.

-Professor Antonecchia, This class helped me analyze my overall personality to figure out which setting I will have the most success in. I’m thankful for the Myers Briggs personality assessment that gave me vital information that I will carry forever. I’m pretty confident in my occupation of choice moving forward.  Chad T.

-I am extremely grateful for Professor Antonecchia. You have provided the best resources to find who I really am and what I take in interest in. Without these resources I feel as though I still wouldn’t know what I’d want to work toward.  Cynthia D.

-This class helped me greatly in that department. It got me engaged in actively finding out career options and opened my mind to possibilities. This class was the help I needed.  Christina J.