Journalism Degrees

Journalism degrees offered at Palomar College

Option #1 — Associates Degree

Journalism – AA-T Transfer Major (18 units or more)

The Associate in Arts in Journalism for Transfer teaches students the methods and techniques for gathering, processing and delivering news. It prepares students for careers in print and multimedia journalism. It includes instruction in news writing and editing, reporting, multimedia story production, and professional standards and ethics.

Careers in this field include book editor, copywriter, film critic, foreign correspondent, freelance writer, online editor, multimedia story producer, journalist, magazine editor, news anchor, newspaper editor, publicist, sportswriter and technical writer.  This major may also lead to many other careers.  For additional possibilities, visit the Career Center or the Palomar Pathways website.

Option #2: Degree or Certificate

Multimedia Journalism – A.S. Degree Major/Cert. Achievement (18 units or more)

The Journalism program provides students with an education that prepares them to become critical producers and consumers of mass media content. Our goal is to make them better able to understand our media institutions and add their voice to the process of shaping their cultural environment. 

Here is a link to the 18-unit certificate.

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