PIO Workshop: How To Talk About Suicide (Higher Education Community)

 Learn how to safely and effectively communicate about suicide and suicide prevention with media.

About this Event

This free, 2 hour, interactive Zoom training for college & university staff and students includes review of safe and effective messaging for suicide & suicide prevention and prepares individuals for media interviews and to better communicate with others on the topic in general.


  • Practice communication skills using safe and effective messaging for suicide prevention.
  • Learn new tips to appropriately engage media on the topic of suicide.
  • Create a suicide prevention messaging framework, specifically on college & university based scenarios.

Who should attend?

College & University Public Information Officers, Communication Specialists, Peer Educators, other staff members in a position to communicate about suicide & suicide prevention to media and the higher education community, and any interested college & university students.

Register at: https://spchigheredpioworkshop.eventbrite.com. Zoom link is required to attend and will be provided upon registration.

For more information, contact Brett Hall at bhall@sdchip.org.