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concert crowd with blue lights | concert safety
Your top safety tips for attending live music events

Listening and dancing to live music is a great way to blow off steam. Use these tips to stay safe the next time you attend a live music event.

Posted on May 31 2023
alarm clock on bed
Find clarity and calm with this morning meditation

Mornings can be rough. Try this five-minute meditation to start your day from a place of calm, clarity, and alertness.

Posted on May 31 2023
resume and folders on blue background | college and career center
How the career center can help you achieve your professional goals

Career centers don’t just help spruce up your résumé—they offer a whole range of other services. Learn more about how the career center can help you build your professional profile.

Posted on May 24 2023
homemade peanut butter cups on wooden serving board | peanut butter cups
Delicious 3-ingredient peanut butter cups

No need to head to the candy aisle the next time you’re in the mood for peanut butter cups—learn how to make them at home with this easy recipe.

Posted on May 24 2023
colorful watercolor supplies | art and mental health
Introducing art into your life can make for better mental health

Participating in artistic activities—whether it’s creating art or simply taking time to look at and appreciate it—can give a big boost to our mental health. Learn more about the benefits of art appreciation.

Posted on May 17 2023
vegetarian protein options on wooden background | example vegetarian diet protein
Ask the nutritionist: “What are some ways for vegetarians to get protein?”

Wondering how you can get enough protein while following a vegetarian diet? Our nutritionist shares some tips on sources of protein you can add to your meals.

Posted on May 17 2023
3d shopping cart with bags and packages floating around | how to stop buying stuff
9 ways to stop buying stuff you don’t need (and what to spend on instead)

Research shows that happiness is more about experiences and relationships than material possessions. Here’s how to stop buying stuff you don’t need and spend on experiences instead.

Posted on May 10 2023
Black woman expressing pain at doctor | how to get doctors to take you seriously
Ask the doc: “How can I advocate for myself when doctors don't take my problems seriously?”

Sometimes it feels like medical professionals don’t take our health concerns seriously. Ask yourself these questions to figure out where the communication is breaking down so you can get the help you need.

Posted on May 10 2023
Vector of two human heads made of gears with light bulb shape inside | multiple intelligences
We all have different types of intelligence. What are yours?

Standardized tests aren’t the only indicator of intelligence. Learn about the theory of multiple intelligences and how it can help you maximize your potential inside and outside the classroom.

Posted on May 03 2023
vector of man sitting at desk with back pain | yoga for lower back and hip pain
10-minute yoga routine for hip and lower back pain

Sitting for long stretches of time can contribute to hip and back pain. Try this yoga routine to reduce stress on the hips and lower back.

Posted on May 03 2023