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woman rejecting man's affection | how to accept being friendzoned
What to do when you're crushing on a friend (who doesn't feel the same)

Have romantic feelings for a friend, but they don’t feel the same? Here are some tips on how to navigate the “friend zone.”

Posted on Oct 05 2022
calendar on yellow background | build short term long term career plan
Ask the career advisor: “Should I have a 10-year plan for my career?”

Feeling the need to define a career plan can be overwhelming. Our career expert shares tips for avoiding the trap of the “10-year plan” by focusing instead on actionable ways to achieve professional goals.

Posted on Oct 05 2022
two roommates watching TV and eating popcorn | | personal space
4 ways to create personal space when you live with roommates

Living with others? Here are some tips for creating personal space, managing distractions, and keeping the peace.

Posted on Oct 05 2022
Depressed man on bed at home | self harm prevention
Understanding self-harm and strategies for coping with emotional pain

When emotional pain becomes too much, some people may turn to self-harm to cope. Getting to the root of why self-harm feels like the only option can lead to healthier ways of handling life’s stressors.

Posted on Oct 05 2022
What can your poop tell you about your health?

While it’s not a great dinner-table topic, your poop can tell you a lot about your overall health. Find out what you should be looking for next time you go number two.

Posted on Sep 28 2022
A calisthenics guide for improving strength using only your bodyweight

Calisthenics are convenient, accessible workouts that anyone can use to get and stay active. Try this simple calisthenics workout plan to get started.

Posted on Sep 28 2022
Turn your passion into activism with this beginner’s guide

Getting involved with social activism is a great way to build a more equitable world, but sometimes it’s difficult to know how to get started. Use these tips for building activism into your daily life.

Posted on Sep 21 2022
illustration of man putting on mask | how to overcome low self esteem and impostor syndrome
Ask the counselor: “Does everyone have impostor syndrome, or are some of us actually impostors?”

Feelings of self-doubt can make us question a lot about ourselves. Learn how to ditch impostor syndrome and build self-trust and confidence with these therapist-approved tips.

Posted on Sep 21 2022
7 money-saving tips to keep college costs in check

College is expensive. These tried-and-true money-saving tips can help you keep college costs in check.

Posted on Sep 14 2022
woman meditating in library | mantra meditation
Create your personal mantra for the new school year

Mantras are syllables, words, or short phrases that are repeated to encourage positive transformation. Use this meditation to find your personal mantra and reflect on what quality you would like to cultivate or release.

Posted on Sep 14 2022