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wooden heart with bandaids on blue table | how to break up with someone
Breaking up isn't easy—5 tips to end a relationship with compassion

Breaking up is hard to do, but there are ways to make it easier on both parties. Use these tips if you’re thinking about breaking up with your partner.

Posted on Nov 29 2023
chicken tostada on cutting board | chicken tostada recipes
Leftover creamy chicken salad tostadas

Get two meals in one using by turning leftovers from our baked stuffed chicken breast recipe into creamy chicken salad tostadas.

Posted on Nov 29 2023
illustration of depressed male sitting on bench with head down | male sexual assault
4 ways to support a male friend who’s been sexually assaulted

Coming to terms with sexual assault and abuse can be difficult for males. Here’s how you can help.

Posted on Nov 22 2023
man sitting at desk looking bored | What job should I have?
Ask the career advisor: “Is settling for a ‘boring job’ OK? I literally have zero career plans.”

Your career is your choice—so what if others think it’s “boring”? Our career advisor explains that finding the job that’s right for you is about recognizing and understanding your values, interests, and personality.

Posted on Nov 22 2023
colorful books and yellow headphones on blue background | does listening to music help you study
Does listening to music while studying help you do better on tests?

Many students attest to the power of music to elevate their academic performance, but does listening to music really help you study?

Posted on Nov 15 2023
Indian woman smiling and waving to friend on phone | long distance friendship
Ask the counselor: “How do I maintain long-distance friendships?”

At some point in life, you or your friends will move away. While distance will change your relationships, it doesn’t have to end them. These strategies can help you maintain your long-distance friendships.

Posted on Nov 15 2023
Black woman reaching for red alarm clock next to bed | snooze button
How the snooze button could be sabotaging your sleep

The snooze button might seem like a great way to get a few extra minutes of sleep—but it could hurt your overall quality of sleep. Learn more about how to ditch the snooze button.

Posted on Nov 08 2023
businessman suit against blue background with orange flower tie | how to tie a tie
Got an important interview? Learn how to tie a tie with this step-by-step guide

Nowadays, neckties are an essential fashion accessory. Finding the perfect tie is easy; putting it on is the challenge. This video guides you through the iconic Windsor knot—turns out, it’s easier than you think.

Posted on Nov 08 2023
different colored vapes in a line | why vaping occasionally is still bad
Is vaping occasionally bad for you? What to know about "social smoking"

Is vaping occasionally bad for you? While social smoking is less detrimental than regular smoking or vaping, it still has negative health effects. Find out the risks and get help quitting.

Posted on Nov 01 2023
illustration of woman stretching at desk, working late | shoulder workout
5 upper body mobility exercises to relieve late-night study tension

Studying can be a pain in the neck. And shoulders. And back. These five mobility exercises can help alleviate and prevent that pain by strengthening your shoulders and spine.

Posted on Nov 01 2023