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black woman leading team meeting | leadership development activities for college students
4 ways to gain leadership experience you can put on your résumé

Looking to enter a leadership position after college but don’t have any concrete experience to put on your resume? Try these four ways to nurture your inner leader.

Posted on Dec 01 2021
black woman in bathroom looking in mirror | Western beauty standards
Ask the counselor: “I feel unattractive as a person of color with features that I grew up thinking were not desirable. How can I embrace myself?”

Growing up surrounded by media that reflect a narrow set of beauty standards can take a toll on your mental health and body image. Use these three steps to “unlearn” these internalized biases.

Posted on Dec 01 2021
black man talking to therapist | what is neurodiverse
Think you’re neurodiverse? The pros and cons of getting a diagnosis

If you have a neurological condition such as ADHD, depression, OCD, or autism, check out the concept of neurodiversity and the importance of self-acceptance as a means to access supports.

Posted on Nov 24 2021
plastic floating in the ocean | | how to reduce single use plastic at home
The real impact of plastics on humans, animals, and the environment and how you can help

Only about nine percent of all plastic waste is recycled. The rest ends up in the environment. Use these tips to reduce your reliance on single-use plastics.

Posted on Nov 24 2021
Concerned looking egg
Feeling jealous? How to make unproductive feelings work for you

Feeling jealous or envious? Here’s how to grow from these feelings.

Posted on Nov 17 2021
female with prosthetic leg stretching hips at home | static stretch cool down after workout
A cool-down stretch sequence to help you stay flexible

Cooling down after exercising is important for staying flexible and preventing injury. Use this cool-down stretch routine after every workout.

Posted on Nov 17 2021
Muslim student with professor in classroom | unfair grade college professor
Ask the professor: "Who can I talk to about an unfair professor?"

Have a professor who's grading unfairly? Read this to find a resolution.

Posted on Nov 17 2021
marijuana plant | delta-8 thc
Is Delta-8 safe? Everything you need to know about the new cannabinoid on the block

Delta-8 THC is the latest low-potency cannabis compound to hit the shelves. Learn about the safety and legality of this new psychoactive substance.

Posted on Nov 10 2021
topview of vegetables bring cut | cooking tips for college students
Ask the nutritionist: “I am not eating healthy because I can’t cook and am too lazy to learn how. Any suggestions?”

On your third Hot Pocket of the day? Break the cycle with these tips for creating quick, easy, and nutritionally balanced meals.

Posted on Nov 10 2021
hand stopping falling block | how to be an upstander
What does it mean to be an upstander? 4 ways to stand up to violence and inequality

Being an upstander means taking the initiative to step in when you witness potentially harmful behavior. Here are four easy steps to becoming an upstander in your community.

Posted on Nov 03 2021
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