College Council


The College Council is the principal participatory and planning governance body for the College. It provides a forum to review and recommend the direction and focus of the College, consistent with the College’s Vision, Mission, and Values. Based on the work and input from the four main participatory councils, the College Council directly advises the Superintendent/President on policy and governance, with attention to ensuring that all Palomar College students receive the opportunities and support they need to leverage their specific circumstances into a strong foundation for life-long resilient learning, career success, and global citizenship. It is also responsible for the review, evaluation, and continuous improvement of the participatory governance process, procedures, and structure.

Meeting Days/Times:

The College Council meets on 2nd and 4th Fridays from 9:00 – 11:00 a.m.

To access the College Council Minutes, Agendas, and other information please refer to the College Council Active Minutes page on Board Docs.

Council Goals 2022-23

  1.      Implement an action plan to address the opportunities identified in the formative evaluation of
         the governance structure and process. Possible ideas include the following:

         a.    Develop orientation for new council members which would include roles and
                responsibilities of the council and council members. (Format could be a governance
                video for each council.)

         b.    Provide training, guidance, and direction for committee members and chairs that 1)
                 emphasizes the role of governance and operations, 2) assures all voices are heard and
                 supported, and 3) improves meeting facilitation/organization (for chairs).

         c.     Add self-reflection to the governance evaluation form.

         d.     Ensure support for classified participation in governance.

         e.     Align meeting dates and times for councils and committees with work to be done by

    2.   Identify and implement strategies to improve communication between governance groups, their
          members, and the campus community. Possible ideas include the following:

         a.     Develop standard report templates for constituent participants.

         b.    Consider college-hour for sharing outcomes of governance college-wide.

         c.    Streamline communication of action items to campus community.

         d.    Examine best practices from constituent groups for communicating what is happening in
                governance (e.g., CCE newsletter, Fac Senate publishing and sending out actions).
                Identify practices for councils to use to improve communication to college community.

         j.     Ensure one central area is established for all things governance.

    3.   Monitor and promote the development of the Educational and Facilities Vision Plan 2035.

    4.   Incorporate campus well-being initiatives including DEIAA and safety into college plans and

Reporting Councils

Reporting Task Force(s) 2022-23: