Web Site Developer position

Job Description

Website – Full Stack Developer

A full-stack developer with at least 2 years of experience in Website Development with Laravel who would maintain my website (MacroTides.com) and make small changes by adding current content. This would be a paying part-time job. Potential marketing aspect if there is an interest.

Capable to setup and work on:
– Laravel website development
– E-Commerce store with Braintree (Native Shopping Cart)
– General Website development
– Web Design and Redesign
– php 7 and MySQL (Latest)
– Good JavaScript skills
– Add custom functionalities
– Custom Website Issues
– Fix HTML, CSS Issues
– Fix Responsive issues
– Full site cloning

Server Maintenance IT

A  System-Admin with at least 2 years of experience in managing Linux/Unix Servers on the cloud & optimizing it to handle c10K concurrent traffic for production setup.

Capable to set up:
– Linux Server configurations from command line.
– Services e.g Nginx HTTP2, Apache, Php7.4, MySQL, Memcached, others.
– Optimize services to handle high concurrent traffic in the production environment.
– Good practices implementing security in the server.


If interested, please contact Jim Welsh, Publisher Macro Tides at JimWelshMacro@gmail.com


Jim Welsh, Publisher Macro Tides, Frequently interviewed