Typing Test

FALL 2022 typing test schedule:

  1. WHEN: Monday to Thursday 10:00 a.m. or 2:00 p.m. By appointment only.
  2. WHERE: MD-335
  3. FEE: $10 (NO CHARGE to currently registered Palomar College STUDENTS OR STAFF. Students must show proof of registration for the current semester. Photo ID required.) Once you schedule your appointment, make the fee payment on this link Proctoring fees link

Call us to schedule an appointment (760) 744-1150  x2494 or email Lourdes Runk at Lrunk@palomar.edu

Before your test:

  1. Parking: you will pay parking fees using the ParkMobile App 
    ParkMobile Zone Numbers:
    7510 San Marcos Campus $1.00 Per Hour
    Visit the following site for more details parking information
    Palomar College map https://www.palomar.edu/about/San-Marcos-Campus/.
  2. Pay administration fees on this link https://payit.nelnet.net/form/kFDeO4OK 
  1. The test is administered in MD-335. Directions to MD-335 test location may be obtained from the cashier. Report to the MD-335 lab at your scheduled time, give the FEE RECEIPT to the staff when you check-in and picture ID.

You will have 10 minutes of practice time. Three 5-minute timings will be given from straight copy. Typing tests follow International Typing Rules. A certificate will be issued for the best timing with 5 errors or less. Allow an hour for the whole process. For a copy of this information click here.

About the test.

You will be taking three five-minute typing tests, each from unfamiliar (different) copy with our GDP typing software.

  • The typing test will be single-spaced, double-spaced between paragraphs.
  • Type one space ONLY after all punctuation.
  • You will be able to backspace to make corrections during the timing without penalty.
  • Word-wrap is active; press the enter key ONLY at the end of the paragraphs.
  • If you finish typing the printed page before the end of the 5-minute time period press enter TWICE, then start retyping the first paragraph again.


  • The total number of words typed (GWAM) and the total errors made are recorded by the software.
  • Two points are subtracted for each error from the GWAM to determine NWAM (net words a minute).

Typing certificates are issued at NET SPEED with FIVE ERRORS OR LESS. A typing test with more than five errors is not certifiable.