A creative and innovative introduction to managerial practices of successful entrepreneurship. These certificates are designed to:

  • Develop the necessary understanding to design, start, and manage a successful entrepreneur business
  • Learn the entrepreneurial process and the ability to identify, research and analyze potential markets and profitability.
  • investigate concepts, tools, and practices associated with identifying or creating new venture opportunities.

Degrees/Certificates to look for:

New Industry Certifications that lead to high paying jobs in emerging fields!!!

You can take one or ALL 8 modules.


    1. Supply Chain Management Principles
    2. Customer Service Operations
    3. Transportation Operations
    4. Warehousing Operations
    5. Demand Planning
    6. Inventory Management
    7. Manufacturing & Service Operations
    8. Supply Management & Procurement

More study material can be found at https://scmedu.org/logistics-glossary/

More information about this certification can be found at SCPro™ Fundamentals Certification
To get certified here at Palomar College contact Mary Cassoni, Bus Dept Chair at mcassoni@palomar.eduand cc Lourdes Runk, SCMP test proctor; for procedures, class requirements,  verification of enrollment,  and test dates at Lrunk@palomar.edu

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