Frequently Asked Questions for UC Transfers

Frequently Asked Questions for UC Transfers

Can a student apply to the UC as “undeclared” or “undecided”?
With few exceptions, students are expected to identify a major on their application to a UC.

Are there any guarantee admissions agreements between Palomar College and any of the UC campuses?
Yes!  Palomar has guaranteed admissions programs to all UC campuses except UC Berkeley, UCLA, and UCSD.  Visit the TAG page for more information.

What does it mean if a school or major is “impacted”?
When a university or major can demonstrate that they usually have more applicants than space, they are allowed to use additional or higher criteria for admissions than the minimums established.

Is it OK to apply to a non-impacted major and then change to an impacted major once transferred?
No.  Students should indicate on the application the major they intend to pursue after transfer.  Universities rarely allow transfer students to change from a non-impacted major to an impacted one after acceptance.

Do students have to submit official transcripts when they submit their application?
Generally no.  Official transcripts are usually due after acceptance once all grades for the last semester of attendance are posted.  Students should confirm with each school to determine its mandatory deadline.  Failure to submit transcripts on time may mean the offer of admission will be rescinded.  Further, official transcripts from each and every school in which college coursework has been attempted must be submitted from the individual schools.  High school transcripts will also be requested of applicants by the university.  If taken, AP and/or IB test scores are also required.

Does it matter if a student has already earned a Bachelor’s degree in the US or in another country?
Yes.  UC rarely allows students to pursue a second bachelor’s degree.

Can a student attend a four-year university and then a community college, and then transfer to the UC?
To be considered a transfer student to a UC, a student must not have accumulated enough units between the four-year university and the community college to place that student at the senior level.  It is important to meet with a Palomar College counselor right away to review transcripts from the four-year university and discuss the requirements of the intended UC transfer campuses, to ensure that the goal can be met without exceeding the unit limit.

How important is the UC application essay?
Very!  The essay is a required portion of the application, and all applicants must submit an essay.

May a student attend the UC part-time?
Once admitted to the UC, a student is expected to enroll full-time.  Exceptions may be made by special permission from the dean of the school/college of attendance at the campus.

Must a student have an AA degree to transfer to the UC?  Does the UC consider a student with an AA more favorably than one who does not?
The Associate of Arts (AA) degree is not a factor whatsoever in UC transfer consideration.  Some students may elect to get an AA degree for personal or professional reasons in addition to meeting transfer requirements, if desired.

Is there a limit to the number of units transferable to the UC?
The University will award graduation credit for up to 70 semester units of transferable coursework from a California Community College towards degree completion.  Coursework in excess of 70 semester units will not receive unit count, but will receive subject credit towards satisfaction of general education or major preparation requirements.

Can a student take classes for P/NP (Pass/No Pass, or previously Credit/No Credit [CR/NC]) instead of a letter grade?
Yes, a student may take up to 14 semester units on a pass/no pass basis instead of for a letter grade.  Do not, however, take any coursework required for major preparation as P/NP – these classes must be taken for a letter grade.