Tutoring at the TLC Fallbrook

The Fallbrook TLC provides free tutoring to all registered Palomar College students. Appointments are not necessary and tutoring sessions are on a walk-in basis. Tutors may be tutoring more than one student at a time. Simply stop by the front desk at the TLC and let the staff know you need to see a tutor.

During the 2023 Fall, the TLC Fallbrook has tutors for the following subjects: English, writing, math, ESL, Spanish, and French. However, we expect to have more tutors to help students in different subjects in the following semesters.

Tutoring is a team effort: you and your tutor work together to help you perform well in your courses. Be sure to bring your class notes, textbook, current class assignment, and a list of particular questions you have. Even if you have not started an assignment it is very important that you remember to bring all the materials you need in order to have a successful session with a tutor.

We wish everyone success in their academic endeavors and will do what we can to help you reach your goals. We believe tutoring should be a collaborative learning process. While tutors will not do the work for you, they will be available to assist you along your academic journey. We expect students who utilize our services to be engaged, prepared, and willing to give their best!