Application Process

Step 1. Contact the Rising Scholars (Transitions) Program Staff at (760) 744-1150 extension 2648 or email at  They will help connect you with resources, once your registration is complete (which you can do by following the Step 2).

Step 2. Apply to Palomar College  Contact North County Educational Opportunity Center (NCEOC) outreach specialist Gabriela Hernandez-Lopez at (760) 744-1150 ext. 2434. NCEOC will help you apply for Palomar College and complete a financial aid application (FAFSA). Visit TRIO NCEOC for eligibility guidelines.

Formerly incarcerated and system-impacted Dreamers (people without U.S. residency documentation) are also encouraged to come to Palomar College and to join the Rising Scholars (Transitions) Program.

Currently federal guidelines do not allow us to assist an undocumented student, however, the new Cariño Dream Village is able to, they are the go-to contact for any Undocumented, AB-540 or DACA eligible student.

Step 3. Meet with a counselor and create an Education Plan to determine the classes you need to take.