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How to Register

How to Sign Up for, Add, and Drop Classes at Palomar College.

Have a life, career, or college challenge? Chances are, we have a program or service to help. As a Palomar College student, you have access to a wide range of student support services.

Register or Add Classes

To register for classes (and add or drop classes), log in to MyPalomar. You will see the date and time that you may start to register for the next semester.

MyPalomar Login Instructions

  • Go to My Palomar.
  • For Palomar ID: If you do not know your ID, enter your social security number.
  • For your Password: If this is the first time you’re signing in with your social security number, you’ll be able to create a password at the same time.

Priority Registration

Priority registration assignments are posted in MyPalomar approximately two weeks prior to the registration period.

Assignments are based on specific criteria including the total degree applicable units you have earned at Palomar College.

You may qualify for priority registration if you are a first-time student, Disability Resource Center (DRC) student, EOP&S, foster youth, or CalWORKS student, an eligible veteran, or active duty military personnel.

Waitlist Procedures

MyPalomar provides you with the opportunity to place yourself on a waitlist for closed classes. MyPalomar uses an auto-enroll system. Auto-enroll will automatically enroll you based on your position number when a seat becomes available. Auto-enroll occurs regularly throughout the registration period prior to the beginning of a semester.

  • You will be notified via email if you have been auto-enrolled from a wait list into a class.
  • If a student is automatically enrolled in a class, additional fees will be charged by this enrollment and must be paid within ten calendar days to avoid being dropped.
  • Classes for which you are wait listed do not count as official enrollment and may not be used to fulfill enrollment requirements toward financial aid, Veterans benefits, athletic participation or verifications of enrollment.

“Crashing” a Class When It’s Full

If a class is full, you will have to “crash” the class. To crash a closed class (all spaces in the class are filled), you must attend the first-class meeting.

Let the instructor know you are not enrolled and wish to crash the class. If there are no-shows (enrolled students who don’t claim their seats), you may have an opportunity to be added to the instructor’s student specific permission list to add the class. There are no guarantees on whether or not a student will be successful in crashing a class. Once added to the instructor’s student specific permission list, you will need to log into your MyPalomar and add the class prior to the add deadline. 

Dropping Classes

Students may drop classes through My Palomar as long as they are within the deadline dates pertaining to the class. Check the class schedule for deadlines.

You are responsible for dropping classes. Instructors may also drop students but are not required to do so. A failing grade will be assigned for any undropped class that you stopped attending.

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