Student Guide: How to Sign Up for Online Proctoring

Step One: Sign Up for an Online Proctoring Appointment

As soon as you know you have an exam that has to be proctored, fill out the Proctoring Session Sign Up Form and sign up for an appointment. Appointments are required for online proctoring, so be sure to make your appointment as soon as possible. You must sign up for your online proctoring appointment at least 24 hours before a proctoring session.

Step Two: Prepare for Your Online Proctoring Appointment

  • Bring your student ID card, or Driver’s License, to verify your identity with the student proctors.
  • Make sure you’ll be taking your exam somewhere with a stable and strong internet connection, and on a computer with a working camera. You’ll need to have your video turned on and be sharing your screen.
    • You can take an online proctored exam from your phone, but we recommend using a computer.
  • Choose a spot to take your exam that will offer you a neutral background for privacy if you’re not able to turn on your virtual background while having your camera on.
  • Don’t start your exam until you’re in your online proctoring session and your proctors let you know it’s time to begin.

Step Three: Attend Your Online Proctoring Appointment

After submitting the Online Proctoring Session Sign Up Form, you’ll receive confirmation of your appointment date and time at the email address that you entered on your sign up form, and that email will include the Zoom link to your session. Join the Zoom session at the time of your appointment. Be sure not to arrive late, so that you are able to finish your exam before the proctoring session ends.