Faculty Guide: How to Schedule Online Proctoring

Determine the Proctoring Window Needed

Based on the due date of your exam, identify the time frame when students will be taking the exam.

  • It’s recommended to give students at least 4-7 business days to complete the exam. This will give students time to get an online proctoring appointment and allow for the schedule flexibility dictated by an online, asynchronous course.

Fill Out the Online Proctoring Session Request Form

Fill out the Online Proctoring Session Request Form, and be sure to include the final due date and the dates when students are able to complete the exam.

  • You’ll want to submit your request at least two weeks before the first day of your testing window, to give the Tutoring Center time to staff the needed Online Proctoring Sessions.

Get Confirmation of Proctoring Availability

You’ll receive an email response within two business days of submitting the Online Proctoring Session Request Form when your online proctoring sessions have been staffed and are ready for student sign ups. If your request cannot be met, Palomar Proctoring will respond with an explanation and possible alternative. Once you have confirmation that your online proctoring sessions are available, set up your online-proctored quiz in Canvas and let your students know how to sign up for an online proctoring session.