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Geology At Palomar College

Are you looking for top quality education with small class sizes, passionate instructors, opportunity to complete an A.S. degree or credit for transfer to a university, all at an affordable tuition rate? You found it. Welcome to the Geology Program at Palomar Community College!

Whether you are looking to pursue a career in geology or just want to explore the world around you, join us, and invent yourself, with Palomar College’s Geology Program.

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Spring Break Field Course Catalina Island March 24-27 2024

What We Offer

The Geology program at Palomar College offers a complete range of opportunities and experiences to develop an understanding and appreciation for the dynamic earth process and the physical world around us. These include lecture classes, laboratory classes, supplemental weekend field trips and longer field courses.

Earn A Degree

The geology program offers two degrees the Associates of Sciences (A.S.) degree and the Associates of Science for Transfer (A.S.-T) degree, which prepare students for the workforce or two transfer to a university. Also check out the Palomar Mapper Tool, for more information and an example of a two-year degree path in geology.


Looking to gather some credits before transferring to a university? Through the Associates of Sciences for Transfer (A.S.-T) degree Palomar College has agreements with a number of schools, both in San Diego and throughout the state, that accept the geology credits earned at Palomar College.

Small Class Sizes

In the geology department at Palomar there is no sitting in a lecture hall of 200+ students and being another face in the crowd. Palomar’s small class sizes provide the optimal environment for student/instructor interaction.

Careers in Geoscience

Information regarding career opportunities, areas of specialty, who hires geologists, salary ranges, and job outlooks are included in this PDF document.


Located in the Natural Sciences building on the main campus in San Marcos, some the country’s most exciting and complex geology is right in our own backyard, providing the ideal opportunity to see geologic process at work.


Palomar Community prides itself on providing high-quality education at rates students can afford. View current tuition rates.

Upcoming Courses

GEOL 150: Dinosaurs and Earth History (lecture and lab) Spring 2023

GEOL 195: Death Valley Field Course Spring Break, March 27-30 2023