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Course Descriptions and Schedule

Requirements for a Degree in Geology

A.S. & AS-T Transfer Options Available

Physical Geology (GEOL 100)

Units: 3
Offered: Every fall, spring, and summer

This class explores the world around you through the principles of physical geology. Topics covered include: plate tectonics, rocks and minerals, weathering, mass-wasting, surface and ground weather, wind, caves, waves and currents, glaciation, mountain building, volcanoes and other igneous process, deformation and resulting structures, earthquakes, Earth’s compositions, geologic time, and earth resources.

Physical Geology Lab (GEOL 100L)

Units: 1
Offered: Every fall and spring

Laboratory component of Geology 100 lecture designed to supplement and build upon knowledge gained in lecture. Includes laboratory and field identification of rocks and rock forming minerals. Studies geologic processes through student driven, hands-on inquiry, through samples, geologic and   topographic maps.

Geology of National Parks (GEOL 110)

Units: 3
Offered: Every other spring (contact geology faculty for next course offering)

Geologic history and process of formation of our natural landscape. Principles of physical and historical geology as revealed in the structure, stratigraphy, and rock types of nations most treasured natural resources.

Planets, Moons, and Comets (GEOL 120)

Units: 3
Offered: Every fall and spring

The geology and astronomy of the solar system, observations, dynamics, relative ideas, including theories of formation and evolution. Comparative survey of the atmosphere, surface features, and interiors of planets and satellites. Minor objects, such as comets and asteroids, also included.

Dinosaurs & Earth History (GEOL 150)

Units: 3
Offered: Every other spring (contact geology faculty for next course offering)

Principles of historical geology. The origin and evolution of Earth and it’s biosphere, incorporating plate tectonics, stratigraphy, paleontology, and geologic dating. Together with GEOL 100, a prerequisite to upper division courses in geology.

Dinosaurs & Earth History Lab (GEOL 150L)

Units: 1
Offered: Every other spring (contact geology faculty for next course offering)

Laboratory and field identification of rocks and fossils. Elements of stratigraphic methods and of vertebrate and invertebrate paleontology. Study of geologic and topographic maps in relation to earth history.

Regional Field Studies (GEOL 195)

Units: 1, 2, or 3
Offered: Once per year in spring or summer

Extended field studies of the geology of western North America over weekends and during vacation and summer sessions. Emphasis upon field observation and interpretation of rock types, landforms, and structure. Localities visited may vary from year to year.
195A- Regional Field Studies
195B- Southern California Coast
195C- Salton Trough
195D- Colorado Plateau
195E- Sierra Nevada Mountains
195F- Death Valley

Geology Topics (GEOL 197)

Units: 1,2, or 3
Offered: See Geology faculty for details

Topics in Geology. See Class Schedule for specific topic offered. Course title will designate subject covered.

Directed Study in Geology (GEOL 295)

Units: 1, 2, or 3
Offered: See Geology faculty for details

Individual study in field, library, or laboratory for interested students.