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Field Courses

Field courses are an essential part of any geology program. There is no substitute for stepping out of the classroom and experiencing geology it its natural environment. At Palomar College we are fortunate enough to offer a wide variety of field courses, exposing students numerous different geologic and geographic settings. If you are looking for a fun and unique way to explore the outdoors, apply the knowledge gained in class all while earning class credit... then why not join us for a geology field course? See you in the field!

Palomar College is proud to offer these trips at very low costs to students. Average cost of most trips is only a couple hundred dollars in total. This estimated costs includes lodging, gas, entry fees, guidebooks, and more. Additional costs include food and any souvenirs you want to pick up along the way (so bring a little extra).

Field courses typically run four days in length and are held over spring break. Longer, eight day trips are held during the during the summer. Students carpool to share the expenses of gas, entry fees to many of the places we visit including state/national parks, and also on parking spaces. Many places we stay have a limited parking available and carpooling avoids having to pay any extra fees.

All field courses are offered for credit. Depending on the length of the trip, 1-2 credits can be earned.

How to Enroll

  1. See Professor Figg for a Cashier Payment form.
  2. Pay the Cashier the enrollment fee. Bring the receipt to Professor Figg to obtain a permission code and register for the course.
  3. Course documents will be posted in Canvas. Print out the following documents and return them to Professor Figg: 1) student information sheet, 2) waiver, 3) field trip participation agreement.

Note:  If you do not return your signed documents within 7 days of registration, your spot on the trip will be forfeited and you will not receive a refund.


Once enrolled, you will have access to all documents via Canvas.

Check out these images from the field course: Geology of the Colorado Plateau, May 2017. Want a first hand view of what a field course is like? Take a look at these student created videos of our trip to the Colorado Plateau.