Emergency Management

Emergency Management is a fantastically diverse career-field with a favorably projected future job growth. There are a variety of opportunities in public service at all levels of government and in a variety of sectors, including education, healthcare and private business.

Emergency Manager for Cities, Counties, States, and the Federal Government

Disaster Recovery worker

Fire Prevention Officer

Emergency Dispatcher

Emergency Medical Technician Basic and Paramedic

Firefighter, both Municipal and Wildland

Homeland Security

Safety and Risk Manager

An emergency management associates degree teaches students about public safety issues, human behavior in times of crisis, cultural considerations in an emergency and the role of government agencies in disasters. Students gain skills in hazard identification and assessment, emergency management systems, and disaster preparedness. Graduates learn to effectively manage emergencies at every stage, including mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. The student will be able to define the role of the emergency manager in preparing for and mitigating the effects of hazards in the community.

This knowledge is identified in the following program courses: Fire Protection Organization, Hazardous Materials, Building Construction, Introduction to Emergency Management, Disaster Response and Recovery, Disaster Mitigation, and Ethics.

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Program Requirements
FIRE 100Fire Protection Organization 3
FIRE 115Hazardous Materials I3
FIRE 120Building Construction for Fire Protection3
FIRE 131Introduction to Emergency Management3
FIRE 132Disaster Response and Recovery3
FIRE 133Disaster Mitigation3
FIRE 142Fire Ethics3
Total Units21
Elective Courses (Select 12 Units)
FIRE 51Fire Academy Preparation2
FIRE 101Firefighter Safety3
FIRE 118Fire Prevention Technology3
FIRE130Fire Protection and Equipment3
FIRE 151Fire Fighter I Academy20
FIRE 160Wildland Fire Control I3
FIRE 165Fundamentals of Fire Protection Chemistry3
FIRE 173Legal Aspects of Emergency Services3
Total Units12
Total Units (Program Requirements and Electives33