Code of Conduct

Fire Fighter 1 Academy Course Policies


No unexcused absences will be allowed. Attendance at every class meeting is mandatory. To be excused from a class or portion thereof, written notification to the TAC Officer must be made immediately. Upon returning from an absence, excused or not, a memorandum explaining the circumstances of the absence shall be written and forwarded to the appropriate TAC Officer immediately. Academy trainees will be allowed a maximum of five absences. Trainees who have excessive absenteeism will be subject to dismissal from the Academy. In addition, trainees shall not leave the Academy grounds during hours or regular assignment without permission of a staff member.


There will be no unexcused tardiness. Tardiness includes returning to class after breaks and lunch as well as morning roll call.


Roll call will be conducted at the beginning of each class. Trainees will be assembled and in proper uniform at each roll call.


All trainees shall be in the Academy uniform at all times unless other dress is specifically designated by the instructor.
The following shall be the standard:

  1. Clothes shall be clean and neatly pressed.
  2. Ties shall be worn at all times when wearing the Academy uniform shirt.
  3. Shoes shall be cleaned and polished at all times.
  4. Turnout gear shall be kept clean – wash with soap and water only.
  5. Helmets shall be kept clean.
  6. Hair, when groomed, shall be neat, clean and trimmed. Hair shall not touch the collar when in a standing position, except for the closely cut hair at the back of the neck. Hair in front shall be groomed so that it does not fall below the eyebrows when a person is uncovered. The hair shall not fall below the midpoint of the ear and in no case shall the bulk or length of the hair interfere with the proper wearing of any safety Sideburns shall be neatly trimmed and present a groomed appearance. They shall not extend lower than a straight line drawn from the midline of the ear. There will be no tapering or flaring.
    1. Mustaches shall have a neat appearance. They must be trimmed in such a manner that they do not drop below the top of the upper lip.
    2. They must not extend horizontally more than one-half inch beyond the corners of the mouth and they cannot extend more than one-quarter inch below the corners of the mouth. All measurements shall be taken when the face is in a relaxed state.
    3. Beards shall NOT be worn.
  7. Trainees will not be permitted to wear sunglasses.
  8. Trainees will be clean shaven prior to the reporting time for physical conditioning period. Shower facilities are available. You must supply your own towel. Ample time for grooming will be available immediately after physical conditioning.
  9. Good personal appearance shall be maintained by each trainee at all times during the Academy.


Each trainee will be provided with all required safety clothing. This will be your personal gear during the Academy. KEEP IT CLEAN AND IN GOOD CONDITION, YOUR LIFE MAY DEPEND ON IT.


Name tags shall be worn at all times while dressed in the Academy uniform. All turnout clothing will be identified at a later date; the method of which will be determined by the Academy Staff.


Eating and drinking, including gum chewing, will not be allowed in the classroom or on the drill field at any time. Specific times and areas will be designated for this purpose.


The use of illegal chemical substances or alcoholic beverages while on Academy property is strictly prohibited. No substances or alcoholic beverages shall be consumed during breaks or lunch periods. No trainee shall purchase or consume chemical substances or alcoholic beverages while in uniform at any time, including after hours. Any trainee violating this rule will be dismissed immediately.


Public Safety Training Center

  • Park where instructed by fire academy staff. Parking permits are not required at this location.

Palomar College

  • Park only in the designated student parking areas. Trainees will be required to purchase a student parking permit when on the main campus. Parking permits are not required on weekends.

Palomar College Escondido Campus

  • Park only in the designated student parking areas. Trainees will be required to purchase a student parking permit by the first day of class. Parking permits are not required on weekends.

Field Training Locations

  • Park in the areas as designated by Academy staff.


Trainees are prohibited from entering the living quarters of fire stations at any time. Trainees are not to fraternize with any on-duty firefighters during any training session. Only a member of the Academy Staff may give permission contrary to this procedure.


All trainees are responsible for the care and maintenance of Fire Department and College equipment and facilities that are used. A cleaning procedure for each facility will be identified, which may include the following:

  • Sweep, dust mop, vacuum and wet mop floors as required.
  • Shake out all entry mats
  • Wash all blackboards and discard small pieces of chalk.
    Set out new chalk.
  • Eraser from chalkboard shall be cleaned.
  • All desk tops dusted and washed if necessary.
  • Arrange chairs in an orderly fashion.
  • Refill toilet paper and paper hand towel dispensers as required
  • Clean all urinals, wash basins and commodes as required.
  • Any other items or areas that need cleaning
  • Cleaning of drill towers as required.
  • Cleaning of all fire apparatus and equipment as required.
    All necessary cleaning supplies will be provided. Remember, this is YOUR equipment, treat and maintain it accordingly.


The appropriate headgear will be determined by the individual class instructor.


During the Academy, trainees will be divided into four (4) squads. A squad leader will be selected for each squad. The various cleaning and maintenance assignments will also rotate each week. Squad Leaders are responsible for assuring that all assignments are carried out promptly and correctly both in the classroom and the drill field.


  1. The Academy Staff will select a recruit leader. The Recruit leader will be responsible for the following functions:
  2. Assembling and reviewing the recruits prior to physical training.
  3. Bringing the class to order at the start of a class and after each break.
  4. Moving the class in formation from one training location to another.
  5. Delegating work assignments to section and squad leaders.
  6. Insuring all training facilities are policed for trash and personal articles at the end of each class.
  7. Reporting to the Academy Coordinator on absences and trainees with physical, health or personal situations that could impact individual or group performance.
  8. Assisting instructors in disseminating handout materials, tests and daily evaluations.
  9. Assist instructors and academy staff in setting up class rooms
    (including audio visual equipment, props etc.)


Academy graduation will be on the afternoon of the last day of instruction. Additional information will be forthcoming.

Every effort has been made to assure each trainee a well rounded and comprehensive Fire Academy. This is your Academy. It is up to each individual to contribute more than 100% toward the goal of successful completion. The Academy Staff is here to teach and to evaluate. You are here for one purpose and that is to learn. What you contribute toward the next 16 weeks will stay with you the rest of your career. Remember, if you do not understand, ASK. If you have a question, ASK. Work hard and the best of luck to each of you.