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Fire Technology – Emergency Management

Training to meet the requirements mandated by the California Office of State Fire Marshal for Certified Fire Fighter I.  Covers fire ground procedures, tactics, strategy, safety methods, fire dynamics, equipment usage and deployment, and subject material pertaining to the role of fire fighters within the fire services.

Prepares students for career in Emergency Management


Associates Degree in Science (AS) / Certificate of Achievement (CA)

To earn a Certificate of Achievement in this program, simply complete program requirement courses and applicable electives listed below. To earn an Associate’s Degree in this program, complete the program requirements and applicable electives below and the Associate Degree General Education requirements found here.
CourseUnitsFace-To-Face at ESCOnlinePre-Req
Program Requirements
FIRE 100: Fire Protection Organization3.0Fall 2022Summer 2022
FIRE 115: Hazardous Materials I3.0Fall 2022
FIRE 120: Building Construction for Fire Protection3.0
FIRE 131: Introduction to Emergency Management3.0Fall 2022
FIRE 132: Disaster Response and Recovery3.0Fall 2022
FIRE 133: Disaster Mitigation3.0Fall 2022
FIRE 142: Fire Ethics3.0Fall 2022
Electives (Select 12 Units)
FIRE 51: Fire Academy Preparation3.0Fall 2022
FIRE 98: Firefighter Skill Maintenance and Update1.5Fall 2022Must have completed an accredited Firefighter I Academy or Must have completed an approved internal Fire Department training program that follow State Fire Training 2013 standards for Firefighter I
FIRE 101: Firefighter Safety3.0Fall 2022
FIRE 118: Fire Prevention Technology3.0Fall 2022
FIRE 130: Fire Protection Equipment and Systems3.0Fall 2022
FIRE 151: Fire Fighter I Academy20.0Fall 2022EME 106; Certification as an EMT-I; Admission to the Fire Fighter I Academy program
FIRE 160: Wildland Fire Control I3.0Fall 2022
FIRE 165: Fundamentals of Fire Protection Chemistry3.0Fall 2022
FIRE 171A: Company Officer 2A - Human Resource Management for Company Officers2.5Fall 2022Meet the educational requirements for Fire Fighter II or experience as a career or volunteer firefighter
FIRE 171B: Company Officer 2B - General Administrative Functions for Company Officers1.0Fall 2022Meet education requirements for Fire Fighter II or equivalent
FIRE 171C: Company Officer 2C - Fire Inspections and Investigations for Company Officers2.5Fall 2022Completion of a CA Regionally accredited Fire Academy or a signed statement by the agency's Fire Chief or designee stating the sponsored student has completed all SFT training requirements and sills sheets for Firefighter I or equivalent
FIRE 171D: Company Officer 2D - All Risk2.5Fall 2022Completion of the following: ICS-200.B: Incident Command System for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents Hazardous Material Incident Commander (as offered by the California Specialized Training Institute)
FIRE 171E: Company Officer 2E - Wildland Incident Operations2.5S-290 Intermediate Fire Behavior (Classroom Delivery Only)
FIRE 172A: Instructor I - Instructional Methodology2.5Recommended Preparation: Introduction to the Incident Command System (IS-100.B) or National Incident Management System (IS-700.A)
FIRE 173: Legal Aspects of Emergency Services3.0
FIRE 180: Fire Prevention IA2.5
FIRE 181: Fire Prevention IB2.5
FIRE 194: Fire Instructor IB2.5
FIRE 197A: Fire Technology General Topics0.5-5.0
FIRE 197B: Fire Technology Command Topics0.5-5.0Fall 2022
FIRE 197C: Fire Technology Field Topics0.5-5.0Fall 2022
Total Units 33.0

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