Web Design and Development (AS, CA)

The Web Design and Development degree prepares students for entry level positions
as Web Technologists (or as Web Entrepreneurs) that can combine skills as Web page designers,
graphic content creators, and Web application developers.

Program Requirements

Course Units Offered Pre-Req
BUS 152 Social Media for Business 3 Fall, Spring None
BUS 155 Marketing 3 Fall, Spring None
CSWB 110 Web Page Design with HTML5/CSS3 3 Fall, Spring None
CSWB 120 JavaScript and jQuery 3 Fall CSWB 110 or Equivalent
CSWB 150 PHP with MySQL 3 Spring CSWB 110 or Equivalent
GCMW 102 Web Page Layout I 3 Fall, Spring None
GCMW 202 Web Page Layout II 3 Spring GCMW 102
GCIP 140  Digital Imaging / Photoshop I 3 Fall, Spring, Summer None
GCMW 115 Web Page Layout / WordPress 2 2 Fall, Spring None
Total Units: 26