Computer Science (AS, CA)

Computer Science is the study and design of computer systems: both hardware and software. Computer scientists are primarily concerned with the design of algorithms, languages, hardware architectures, systems software, applications soft­ware and tools. Emphasis in the Computer Science program is placed on the abil­ity to solve problems and think independently. The program offers a foundation in data structures, computer architecture, software design, algorithms, programming languages, and object-oriented programming. See a Counselor for additional uni­versity transfer requirements in this major.

Program Requirements

Course Units Offered Pre-Req
CSCI 112 Programming Fundamentals I 4 Fall, Spring, Summer None
CSCI 114 Programming Fundamentals II 4 Fall, Spring, Summer CSCI 112
CSCI 210 Data Structures 4 Fall, Spring CSCI 114
CSCI 212 Machine Organization and Assembly Language 4 Fall, Spring, Summer CSCI 114
CSCI 222 C++ and Object-Oriented Programming 4 Fall, Spring CSCI 114
Electives (Choose 2)
CSCI 130 Linux Fundamentals 3 Fall, Spring None
CSCI 250 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 4 Fall CSCI 114
CSCI 290 – Introduction to Machine Learning 4 Spring CSCI 114
CSIT 175 – Python Programming 3 Fall, Spring None
CSIT 275 – Advanced Python Programming 3 Spring CSIT 175
MATH 245 – Discrete Mathematics 3 Fall, Spring  

 Total Units: 26-27

* To Be Determined – Contact Department