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Computer Network Administration with Emphasis: Microsoft

Computer Network Administration with Emphasis: Microsoft

Note:  The Microsoft specific Networking courses (CSNT 120, 121, 122, and 124) will NOT be offered again until the 2021-2022 Academic year


This program prepares the student for employment in the field of Computer Networking. The focus is on developing skills in a combination of the network technologies produced by Microsoft. Specific learning outcomes include develop­ing team dynamics in the following skills: Network Media Installation, LAN and WAN Design, Network Management, Fundamentals of Networking Devices, Cli­ent Hardware Repair, Network Operating Systems Installation and Configuration, Networking Device Operating Systems, Installation and Configuration, Client Op­erating Systems Installation and Configuration, Network Security, Remote Access, Active Directory, Network Infrastructure, Exchange Server, Routing Principles and Configuration, and Maintaining a Corporate Network. Students will be pre­pared to take specific industry certification exams related to Microsoft, CompTia, and Security.


Program Requirements Units

Course Units Offered Pre-Req
CSNT 110 Hardware and O.S. Fundamentals 4 Fall, Spring, Summer None
CSNT 111 Networking Fundamentals 3 Fall, Spring, Summer None
CSNT 120 Windows Client and Microsoft Office Deployment 3 Fall (Fastrak 1 only) CSNT 110 and CSNT 111
CSNT 121 Windows Server   (Fall FT 2 only) 3 Fall (Fastrak  2 only) CSNT 111
CSNT 122 Windows Systems Administration 3 Spring (Fastrak 1 only) CSNT 111 and CSNT 110 (*concurrent)
CSNT 124 Implementing a Microsoft Desktop App Envrmt 3 Spring (Fastrak 2 only) CSNT 121 (*concurrent)
CSNT 180 Wireless Networking 3 Fall, Spring CSNT 110 and (CSNT 111 or CSNT 160)
CSNT 181 Hacker Prevention/Security 3 Fall, Spring CSNT 110 and (CSNT 111 or CSNT 160)
CSNT 280 Computer Forensics Fundamentals 3 Fall, Spring None
* This course may be taken concurrently