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CIS: Data Analytics (AS, CA)

Computer Information Systems (CIS): Data Analytics is a series of courses that bind both technology and business to produce quality information for an organization. CIS:Data Analytics emphasizes the technology skills to implement analytic solutions to enable educated decisions derived from data analysis of large data sets. Typical employment opportunities include data analyst, computer support specialist, user support specialist, database administrators, software testers and application development.

Key areas of focus in this degree are: Computer Information Systems; BI and Data Analytics, Computer Programming; System Development; Database Management; Social Media.

Students planning to focus on technology and computing in Information Systems are recommended to earn an A.S. in CIS: Data Analytics. This degree is ideal for students eager to break into the field of computing by earning a career technical certificate or degree while completing transferable coursework.


Course Units Offered Pre-Req
CSIT 125 Computer Information Systems 3 Fall, Spring, Summer None
CSIT 128 Introduction to Data Science 4 Fall Math 56 or 60/transfer acceptability;  CSU; UC
CSIT 150 Introduction to SQL 3 Fall, Spring None
CSIT 165 R Programming 3 Spring None
CSIT 226 Data Visualization 3 Fall None
CSIT 230 Data Modeling 3 Spring Recommended Preparation:  CSIT 125
MATH 120 Elementary Statistics 4 Fall, Spring, Summer MATH 56 or 60/transfer acceptability: CSU; UC
Group 1 (Choose 1)
CSIT 175 Python Programming 3 Fall, Spring None
CSIT 180 C# Programming I 3 Fall, Spring None
CSCI 112 Programming Fundamentals I 4 Fall, Spring, Summer None
Group 2 (Choose 1)
CSIT 275 Advanced Python Programming 3 Spring CSIT 175
CSCI 290 Introduction to Machine Learning 4 Spring CSCI 114
CSNT 150 AWS Academy Cloud Foundations 3 Fall None
Jour 200 Mastering Social Media 3 Fall, Spring None

 Total Units: 29-31