Apply for Credit for Prior Learning

The Credit for Prior Learning petition form is now available. Follow the steps below.


Refer to the Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) deadlines in the table below, and then follow the steps to apply for (CPL) for courses listed on our Credit for Prior Learning course list page .

You can also email to set up an appointment with the CPL Counselor to review your Education Plan and get your CPL questions answered.

If you are a Military Leadership Program student, apply for CPL directly through the MIL Program Steps to Enroll (CPL) page


Steps to apply:

CPL Petition Deadlines

Students submit
Portfolio or exam petition
*Contact DRC if applicable
Faculty review
portfolio or administer Exam
Faculty post grade for portfolio or exam
in CPL form

Industry Cert or Military Transcript petition
Student accepts or declines grade for portfolio or exam Faculty submit grade for portfolio or exam in MyPalomar
SPRING 2024 Week 9  
Monday, April 1
Varies per discipline Week 14 
Monday, May 6
Week 15  
Monday, May 13
End of term
SUMMER 2024No Portfolio or Exam Petitions AcceptedWeek 8  
Monday, July 22
deadline for Industry Cert and Military Transcript
End of semester
FALL 2024 Week 9  
Monday, Oct 21
Varies per discipline Week 14  
Monday, Dec 2
Week 15  
Monday, Dec 9
End of semester