Mission Statement

The Friends of the Edwin & Frances Hunter Arboretum at Palomar College, in support of living with nature, have come together to promote and take care of our beautiful Arboretum. We believe that arboretums and gardens enrich our surroundings and enhance our sensitivity to nature.

We believe it is important for us and future generations to sustain this connectedness to nature. We belong to nature and what we do to nature we do to ourselves. In this light, it then becomes our mission to preserve the Palomar College Arboretum as an important part of our community.

Children’s Day
Demonstration Gardens
Educational Tours
Garden Art
Garden Clubs & Community
Habitat preservation
Historical and Cultural Center
Interactive Adobe Museum
Lectures & Workshops
Plant Collection Enhanced
Programs and Research

Phase One
Irrigation Design and Installation
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessible Trail Renovation
Plant Identification Markers
Amphitheater Project Planning
Develop Volunteer & Docent Programs

Phase Two
Construction of Museum
Construction of Amphitheater
Donor Well Project Planning
Children’s Secret Garden Project Planning