Work Based Learning

WHAT is Applied and Work-Based Learning?

Applied and Work-Based Learning (WBL) allows students to apply classroom content in professional settings while gaining real-world experience. WBL exists on a continuum that reflects the progress of experiences from awareness-building to training. Students often cycle back through the continuum many times throughout their education and career. Educators play a critical role in ensuring these experiences are embedded into curriculum and support learning.

As defined by the ASCCC Career Technical Education Leadership Committee 2018-2019:

Work-based learning is an educational strategy used to connect classroom learning to careers by providing students with opportunities to reinforce and make relevant their classroom learning. It also allows students to explore potential career fields through immersion in the field and, most importantly, to apply their learned skills in an authentic setting. Ways in which students may apply classroom skills to a work environment vary as does the terminology used for variations of work-based learning. Internships, cooperative work experience, and apprenticeships are commonly referred to within the California community college system, as are clinicals or practicum, preceptorships, externships, and work study. These are not all the same types of work-based learning, nor do they all have the same expectations of students, colleges, and employers. However, all are forms of work-based learning and share many of the same benefits, particularly to students as aspiring professionals.

For more information on the paper drawn up by the ASCCC Career Technical Education Leadership Committee, please: <click here>.

Types of WBL

HOW does it help students?

How WBL helps students

Why is Work-Based Learning important?

Why WBL is important

HOW do I get involved?

WBL Activity Support

For support in developing, or integrating, WBL activities into your classes to connect your students' academic learning with real-world experiences, please fill out this short form, providing our WBL Coordinators with the details they need to best assist you.

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